Millennial Wife to Be: Meet W.I.L.F to Be Lauren

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The Millennial Wives Club is highlighting Wives and Wives to Be that are showcasing Positive Displays of Affection for not only their significant others but themselves. So we are starting a new series called W.I.L.F Wednesdays for engaged and married women who we believe are inspiring, uplifting, and positive examples of women to follow.

This Wednesday we are celebrating Lauren Allah, a Millennial Mogul! Lauren is a woman of all trades and we are SO excited to introduce her to you all. On top of planning her May wedding, she is a licensed realtor, owner of a hair company called Katch Kollection, owner of a real estate t-shirt line, and a Certified Empowerment Life Coach. You can see why we follow @LaurenLyrics, now you get to know her below.


MWC: What was your initial reaction to being referred to as a W.I.L.F and to be featured for Wifey Wednesdays?

LAUREN: I was super excited! My Fiancé proposed on February 13, 2017, we are now preparing for our wedding which is May 26,2018. I have been following Millennial Wives Club since I got engaged so it was truly an honor to be chosen as a W.I.L.F!

MWC: Give us an overview of the evolution of Lauren in regards to the woman you were and the woman you are today.

LAUREN: I have grown overtime and developed into the woman I am today, however I have always been who I am. I have always had a passion to be my own Boss. My mother has been in Real Estate for almost 28 years, I wasn't sure if I would enter the business but I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Overtime, my confidence has grown. I made decisions to stand up for myself and demand the respect that I know I deserve especially being an African American woman in a male dominated industry.

MWC: How did you and your husband meet? How did you know you were ready to be someone’s wife and he was “The One”?

LAUREN: My Hubby to be and I met October 4, 2014 at his football game in Atlanta, GA. The story is super crazy because I was supposed to be on a date and at the last minute my date cancelled! I had no clue this would be the best thing that ever happened! I knew that he was the one because he was everything I prayed for. A few weeks before meeting him, I attended a Single's Conference at church where we prayed over our future husband, after meeting him I knew he was the man I prayed for. As we continued to grow within our relationship I knew that we were ready to become one. Two years and two months later, he asked me to be his Wife.

MWC: What are two words that your fiancé would use to describe you?

LAUREN: My Fiancé describes me as ambitious and benevolent!


MWC: We see you are being honored for being a Millennial Mogul. What's the secret to being a Millennial Wife and a Millennial Mogul. Is it as easy as you make it look?

LAUREN: Although I am not married yet, a millennial wife and a millennial mogul I can imagine that it truly takes a lot of balance. As a fiancé, I make it a priority to make sure I am not working so much that I neglect having fun and spending time with my husband to be. I am prepared to do the same after we are married!

MWC: What advice would you give to a successful yet single Millennial woman out there who is looking for Mr. Right?

LAUREN: My advice is to make sure you truly want to be in a serious, committed relationship and that you don't simply like the "idea" of marriage. If you feel as if you are, pray for your future husband! Write down the qualities that you desire in a future husband and ask God to send. Don't settle, don't grow impatient. Mr. Right is in your future and he will arrive when the time is right!

MWC: What does your typical day look like?

LAUREN: My day is all over the place and it never looks the same! I am a licensed Realtor, I own a hair company, Katch Kollection, I am a landlord, I own a Real Estate t-shirt company called "My new Fab agent", I am a life coach, lead based paint inspector, Risk Assessor and a home stager and decorator. I take each of my businesses very serious and I work extremely hard. In addition to work, I try to spending time with my friends, family and my Fiancé throughout the week.

MWC: You’re getting married this year! Have you had a bridezilla moment? If you could give a new bride some insight in regards to wedding planning, what 3 things would they be?

LAUREN: Actually, I have not! I have been extremely calm throughout the entire process! Wedding planning should be extremely fun! Please enjoy the process, don't stress and set a budget and stay within your budget,

MWC: In life, we all come to a point in life where we feel stuck. What moment was that for you and how did you pull yourself out?

LAUREN: After college, I drove from Detroit, MI to Atlanta, GA. I loved Atlanta dearly. I worked as a Paralegal, I was a personal assistant to a celebrity fashion designer and an executive assistant to a celebrity financial firm. Although I was making good money, I felt stuck. I felt trapped and I felt as if I wasn't positioning myself to be the woman I planned and dreamed to be. I made the decision to quit my jobs, move back to Detroit, MI and dive head first into Real Estate which eventually lead to me starting multiple businesses.

MWC: Tell us something we wouldn’t know from looking at your Instagram.

LAUREN: I am an only child and I am a very picky eater! A super picky eater! I have never had ketchup or mustard!

Special Thanks to Lauren for taking the time to allowing us to ask a few questions.

CONGRATULATIONS LAUREN! You will make a beautiful bride on May 26, 2018!

We can't wait to follow you on your journey.

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