W.I.L.F Wednesdays: Meet Wife Mom Boss Camille Ariane


The Millennial Wives Club had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Millennial Wife and Mother, Camille Ariane! We wanted to highlight Camille because she makes life as a Wife Mom Boss look so easy, we HAD to know her story.

We talked becoming a single mom at 20, finding love "in the DMs", and not holding yourself back on account of family. It was inspiring hearing Camille's story about her past and to see how much she's grown as a person, in her career, in her relationship, and as a mother.

Check out her interview below!


MWC: What was your initial reaction to being referred to as a W.I.L.F and to be featured for Wifey Wednesdays?

CAMILLE: Well, I must have been smizing my butt off! Or posting some really cute pictures of me and my husband a.k.a. BooDaddy who absolutely hates and avoids all pictures lol. I was excited to know that other wives, moms, working women see me! We all work so hard for a specific cause or lack thereof recognition, and to be acknowledged by people outside of your home is amazing to me.

MWC: Give us an overview of the evolution of Camille in regards to the woman you were and the woman you are today. What hiccups did you go through with men prior to getting married?

CAMILLE: Listen, my life has been like a Chaka Khan Song, “Through the Fire.” I went from a timid, awkwardly tall high school girl to a wannabe Country Gramma New Orleans Living college ting, to a whole 20-year-old Single Mom repping the Bay Area! I’m a Gemini so by nature I’m sensitive yet very hard to the core for protective reasons. My choices in men haven’t always been the best, and most relationships I’ve had have been minimum 4 years. I think the tumultuous relationship I went through with my son‘s father however, set me straight and allowed me to completely know what I do not want and what I would never put up with.  Becoming a mother ultimately was my reckoning and I gave myself no choice but to make better choices across the board or we would Erykah Badu the situation and I would strap him to my back with my best African Garbs and I would be forever a single mom.

MWC: How did you and your husband meet? How did you know you were ready to be someone’s wife?

CAMILLE: Funniest Story is actually how we met. Insert Yo Gotti “DM” song. LOL. Before Facebook was Facebook I boldly friend requested him. At the time I was just what he liked a “red bone” with Red Hair and brows to match. Not my brightest days, okay, but we talked for almost a year via text and phone. I was very clear with him that I needed to figure out my situation with my son’s father before I was open to any relationship. Once we met it was a wrap, and we have been together for 9 years come June. Quite frankly, I never wanted kids or to be married because I saw what divorce did to my parents. Being with my husband though everything felt new. We were practically kids when we got together except he had to adjust to his someone having someone, hence my son. We weren't fully ready until two years after we had our daughter. He had to learn to be a husband and I had to learn to be wife. Both of us had no real scope of what that meant, but we have spent all these years imperfectly figuring it out. After playing house for about 4 years I finally put my foot down! I was more than a baby momma or even a girlfriend and I was to be treated as such. When we saw our kids getting older and loved ones weren't getting younger we knew that we had to set a standard for our family by doing the right thing. We married in October of 2014.


MWC: What are two words that your husband would use to describe you?

CAMILLE: Extremely Unpredictable. He never knows what direction my crazy self is coming at. You have to keep it spicy at all times. In my mind, I know we are getting older, but that doesn’t mean I have to stop loving on him like we are teenagers. Fun is my middle name honey!

MWC: Tell us about the “Wife Mom Boss” Hustle. Is it as easy as you make it look? What did you learn from being a Wife Mom Boss that people didn’t tell you prior to becoming one?

CAMILLE: First of all, what is sleep? How did life exist ever without coffee? And, please tell me how my innate super power is tuning an entire conversation out!  The hustle is real and it never stops. I don’t know how to remotely function without a schedule and I take pride in being the glue that keeps my family together. Nobody told me that my life would feel like the Truman Show and that some days would forever feel like a Freaky Friday movie. I never thought it to be possible to love humans so much so that you may be slightly obsessed with the kids you create. Being a Boss embodies it all. That is my favorite nickname by far, BossKilla. Being a Mother was extinct behavior while stepping into the role of a Wife has been the best learned experience of my life. It in no shape or form is easy, but when you can make it look seamless half the battle is won. Nothing is perfect, and learning to relax at some point and not be so hard on yourself will alleviate some of the pressure.

MWC: What advice do you have for the mom or wife out there who feel it’s too late to follow their dreams because they have a husband and/or family now?

CAMILLE: Never hold yourself back on the account of your family. They should be your biggest cheerleaders. My prayer has always been for inclusion in whatever dream job awaits me my family is coming too! We are a package deal, and those that know me my children are so groomed and mature enough to know when Mommy is working it means quiet on set business is being handled. I can’t help but follow my dreams or I’m not happy. Believe the phrase “Happy Wife, Happy life!” When mom is not happy nobody is! Sometimes being selfish isn’t wrong or bad if the outcome benefits your family.


MWC: What does your typical day look like?

CAMILLE: I wake up every day at 5AM the latest. I dress my children and get them to school. I work from 8AM until 3PM which is when they get out of school. I take them to my studio and take more clients. Go home, cook dinner, do homework. Adult time is a must once the kids are sleep. Then, I fall asleep to do it all over again! Then there’s the weekends filled with more work for me, Baseball for our son, and soon to be karate, dance, or Girl Scouts for our daughter. She’s so picky and dare I try to control her savage life!

MWC: What are you currently working on? Any upcoming projects? New Goals?

CAMILLE: I currently put my two week notice in to my corporate job and I will be  full fledged working in my newly opened Beauty Studio.  I have strong connections to a few Celebrity Makeup Artist and Bloggers that I work with on a weekly basis that have been going well and will continue to thrive. I’m gearing up to launch my YouTube which will feature my hilarious family.  My goals are very clear for this year and its kill everything. Whatever I want to do I’m doing it. I am fake shy, so I will be exploring  outside of the box, and I’m so excited!

Headshot (1).jpg

MWC: How do you motivate yourself daily?

CAMILLE: Looking at my family is the ultimate motivator for me. They speak so much life into me. Big me up. Tell me how much I am loved and how proud they are of me. My daughter calls me Beyoncé! Need I say more lol. I have such tough skin now from how broken I was in my early 20s. I pray every day and create a positive space to thrive in.

MWC: Tell us something we wouldn't know from looking at your Instagram.

CAMILLE: Take your pick. I taught myself how to do makeup from watching other people and working at Makeup Counters. Back to me being “fake shy”! I completely shut down when I’m around people I don’t know or aren't familiar with. However, once I get comfortable it’s a wrap! I could totally double as a comedian. In addition, music has a very strong presence in my life. I’m literally obsessed with singing even though I can’t sing. My spirit was born in the 60s for sure.

You can follow Camille below:

IG: @camillearianemakeup