W.I.L.F Wednesday: Meet Kendra Jones, The Millennial Influencer Coach

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The Millennial Wives Club had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Millennial Wife and Mother Kendra Jones from TheKendraJones.com! We wanted to highlight Kendra because she is the definition of a Wife Mom Boss Influencer!

We talked self care, monetizing influence, and motivating yourself, and her story as a millennial woman. We are excited to announce Kendra as the Millennial Wife who will be taking over The Millennial Wives Club blog over the next month! You will be seeing a lot more from Kendra and a few of her influencer friends in the upcoming days! But for now...

Check out her interview below!


MWC: Give us an overview of the evolution of Kendra Jones in regards to the woman you were and the woman you are today. What advice would you give to your younger self?

KENDRA: Kendra Jones began as a newly married wife and mother of one as a branding coach. Kendra launched her online brand as polishedkendra in 2016 and over the years rapidly expanded her platform by positioning herself as a lifestyle coach and influencer. Today, Kendra is 6 year vet in the marriage game and mother of two rambunctious toddlers. Kendra is now a millennial influencer coach and publicist that places an emphasis on mindfulness as her key marketing strategy. If Kendra could give her younger self any advice it would be to stay true to who you are and embrace new opportunities. In a world where we are constantly being told to fit in and conform to being “normal” your super power is your ability to be unique you. Allow yourself to grow and evolve into the person you desire to be. It’s only you vs. you.

MWC: How did you and your husband meet? How did you know you were ready to be someone’s wife?

KENDRA: My husband and I are college sweethearts. We took a few classes together our sophomore year. He was always the nice guy, while I was busy being the class clown. As a football player I knew he received his books for free. I was a struggling college student with no books or coins, so I stole his book and he stole my heart. The rest was history. I can’t say I was certain that I was ready to be a wife. I knew I loved him and he undeniably loved me. For me that was enough.

MWC: What are two words that your husband would use to describe you?

KENDRA: Crazy and Ambitious! Lol One thing my husband always says is that I make life exciting. There’s never a dull moment with me. I can entertain myself in a closet. HA! That same crazy energy carries over to my drive. There’s never been anything I was too afraid to go after. If I wanted it, I went for it.

MWC: Tell us about TheKendraJones.com. Can ANYONE monetize their influence? As a mentor, what has been the most challenging and the most rewarding?

KENDRA: Thekendrajones.com is a brand designed to help millennial women achieve their ultimate purpose in life by building their belief, brands, and bank accounts. Contrary to popular belief, ANYONE can monetize their influence. Sadly, very few people actually believe they can which is why they don’t. As a mentor it’s extremely reward to help my clients evolve and grow into the role of an influence, but also disappointing that a lot of people quit on themselves way too soon.

MWC: What advice do you have for the mom or wife out there who feel it’s too late to follow their dreams because they have a husband and/or family now?

KENDRA: It’s never too late to go for it. I believe in show and tell. When we go for our dreams and accomplish them, we show our children they too can do the same.

MWC: How have you been able to execute self care while balancing so many different roles in your life?

KENDRA: As an entrepreneur I don’t believe in balance! Lol. As crazy as it sounds, I believe in creating harmonious relationships and embracing every season. Usually if you’re killing it in one area another one is lacking. BUT that’s ok. Self-care for me comes in many forms. I begin every morning with quiet time to journal and meditate on my goals. It’s all about me. I also set aside time to read throughout the day as well as time to decompress by doing a brain dump before bed at night. Self-care begins with taking care of you mind, anything else you do is an added perk.

MWC: What are you currently working on? Any upcoming projects? New Goals?

KENDRA: The question is what am I not working on? Lol. I always have my hands in something and a trick up my sleeve. I’ll be releasing a new t-shirt collection and journal line in the weeks to come. I’ll also be launching a few other things this fall. You’ll just have to stick around to get the full tea.

MWC: How do you motivate yourself daily?

KENDRA: My dreams deserve to become a reality. I owe it to myself to manifest the visions and goals God has placed in my heart. Whenever I find myself lacking the motivation to execute, I remind myself that giving up would mean quitting on myself. I was created to be a world shaker that creates a global impact. I wasn’t placed here to lead a mediocre life. My biggest motivation is the fear of being average and living with regrets.

MWC: Tell us something we wouldn’t know from looking at your Instagram.

KENDRA: You know the saying “Pretty girls love trap music?” Well that sums me up perfectly. I’m a lil bougie mixed with a hint of trap. I’m a former pageant girl and 3x state title holder. I’m a straight shooter, but the kindest soul you’ll ever meet.

You can follow Kendra on IG by clicking HERE and visit TheKendraJones.com by clicking HERE.

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